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   Pages 1 to 5:  BY-LAWS
FLAC name and purpose - The Coordinator - Affiliation and Membership - Governing Board -
Governing Board officers and committees - Finance - FLAC Events - Club Responsibilities -
Amendments to the By-laws - Dissolution

    Pages 6 to 8:  POLICIES
Schedule of FLAC member clubs' regular dances and special dances -
Relationship of Governing Board to the FLAC Council - Nominating committee for the FLAC Board officers 
FLAC dance rotation list - Banner stealing rules (as of June 2013)

     Pages 9 and 10:  RECOMMENDATIONS
Relationship of FLAC clubs to the FLAC Board - Responsibilities of delegates/alternates -

Guidelines for the (Fifth Saturday or Sunday) FLAC dances

    Pages 11 to 13:  HISTORY
Preample signed May 27, 1969 - Former and current FLAC clubs -
Callers and Cuers as of October 2015 

Definition of terms
FLAC = The Finger Lakes Council of Square and Round Dance clubs
FLAC Council = All governing board member clubs plus associate member clubs of FLAC
FLAC Board = The Governing Board of FLAC made up of delegates and alternate delegates
from each governing board Square Dance club and the officers
FLAC By-laws = A legal document outlining the self-imposed rules that will regulate its own actions

and help the organization govern itself.

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The FLAC MANUAL, last updated in January 2017, describes the
of the Finger Lakes Council of Square and Round Dance clubs.
The contents of the Manual are detailed below.