Please Note:
- PYFS dance Sat 1/19 is CANCELLED
due to the Winter Storm forecast
- RELAXED SQUARES have a new dance venue for the winter!
Check the Club Info !

The FLAC MANUAL, last updated in January 2017, describes the
of the Finger Lakes Council of Square and Round Dance clubs.
The contents of the Manual are detailed below.

This  is  how  our  Clubs  function !

​​Click on     "FLAC MANUAL"     to view its full text,

then scroll to the desired page(s):

   Pages 1 to 5:  BY-LAWS
FLAC name and purpose - The Coordinator - Affiliation and Membership - Governing Board -
Governing Board officers and committees - Finance - FLAC Events - Club Responsibilities -
Amendments to the By-laws - Dissolution

    Pages 6 to 8:  POLICIES
Schedule of FLAC member clubs' regular dances and special dances -
Relationship of Governing Board to the FLAC Council - Nominating committee for the FLAC Board officers 
FLAC dance rotation list - Banner stealing rules (as of June 2013)

     Pages 9 and 10:  RECOMMENDATIONS
Relationship of FLAC clubs to the FLAC Board - Responsibilities of delegates/alternates -

Guidelines for the (Fifth Saturday or Sunday) FLAC dances

    Pages 11 to 13:  HISTORY
Preample signed May 27, 1969 - Former and current FLAC clubs -
Callers and Cuers as of October 2015 

Definition of terms
FLAC = The Finger Lakes Council of Square and Round Dance clubs
FLAC Council = All governing board member clubs plus associate member clubs of FLAC
FLAC Board = The Governing Board of FLAC made up of delegates and alternate delegates
from each governing board Square Dance club and the officers
FLAC By-laws = A legal document outlining the self-imposed rules that will regulate its own actions

and help the organization govern itself.