Poster honoring the insignia of former FLAC clubs

We Remember Good Times !

  Captain Stubby & the Buccaneers

These PHOTO-MEMORIES were published
- going back to 2014 -
   in the FLAC newsletter, The Coordinator

 Their banners hung on the wall at each FLAC dance.

Will they remain just sweet memories?

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Please share your memories!
We are trying to remember


Can you provide information concerning
any of the clubs mentioned in this poster?

When was the club founded?
When did it become inactive?
What was the name(s) of its caller(s)?
What was the name(s) of its of its cuer(s)
if the club also round danced?
Where did the club dance?
Do you recall a special dance or
event organized by that club?

Change of venue
for the Shufflin’ Shoes
New Year’s Eve Dance!

See NEW FLYER for the dance !

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