Listed in Alphabetical Order - Linked to Definition and Animation

Single Hinge / Couples Hinge
Slide Thru
Slip the Clutch
Spin Chain Thru
Spin the Top
Split Two

Square Thru
   Left Square Thru

Star Thru
Sweep a Quarter
Swing Thru / Left Swing Thru
Tag the Line (In/Out/Left/Right)

Thar Family
   a. Allemande Thar
   b. Allemande Left to an
              Allemande Thar
   c. Wrong Way Thar

Touch a Quarter
Trade By

Trade Family
   a. (Named Dancers) Trade
   b. Couples Trade
   c. Partner Trade

Turn Back Family
   a. U-Turn Back
   b. Backtrack Turn Thru

Veer Left / Veer Right
Walk and Dodge
Walk Around the Corner
Wheel and Deal
Wheel Around


Acey Deucey
All 8 Spin the Top
(Anything) & Roll
(Anything) & Spread
Chase Right
Cut the Diamond
Diamond Circulate
Dixie Grand

​The following lists give you 1) all the Mainstream Calls, then 2) the PLUS Calls.
Click on underlined calls to see their TAMinations. TAMinations are square dance animations written by Brad Christie, webmaster of the Tam Twirlers Square Dance Club in San Rafael, CA.
In TAMinations, couples are shown in different colors:
#1 in RED#2 in BLUE, #3 in AQUA, and #4 in YELLOW

Couples #1 and #3 are called Heads, and couples #2 and #4 are called Sides.

Couple #3 is always facing the Caller.
Press “PLAY” to watch the animation (fast or slow) or move the curser yourself to better follow the move.
Press the “GO BACK” arrow to return to the FLAC website.
To see the animations for the other square dance calls, to find detailed instructions on how to use TAMinations, ​or to easily download the program for your own use, click on the TAMination website.

Half Tag
Ladies Chain Family
   a. Two Ladies Chain    
   b. Four Ladies Chain
   c. Chain Down the Line

Lead Right

Left-Hand Star & Right-Hand Star

Ocean Wave Family
   a. Step to a Wave
   b. Balance

Pass the Ocean
Pass Thru
Pass to the Center

Promenade Family
   a. Couples (Full, /, /)
   b. Single File Promenade
   c. Wrong Way Promenade
   d. Star Promenade

Recycle (from a Wave Only)

Right and Left Grand Family
   a. Right and Left Grand
   b. Weave the Ring
   c. Wrong Way Grand

Right and Left Thru
Run / Cross Run
Scoot Back
See Saw

Separate Around,  or
  a. to a Line
  b. and Come Into the Middle

Shoot the Star  & Full Around

1) PLUS Calls

Explode the Wave
Explode and.. (from Waves Only)
Fan the Top
Flip the Diamond

Follow Your Neighbor
Grand Swing Thru
Linear Cycle (from Waves Only)
Load the Boat

Peel off

Peel the Top

Ping Pong Circulate
Relay the Deucey
Single Circle to a Wave
Spin Chain the Gears
Spin Chain & Exchange the Gears
3/4 Tag the Line
Teacup Chain
Track II
Trade the Wave

Poster by former Grand Parader Ruth Zeigler

1) Mainstream Calls

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Alamo Style
Allemande Left
Arm Turns
Bend the Line
Box the Gnat
California Twirl
Cast Off Three Quarters
Centers In
Circle Left / Circle Right
Circle to a Line

Circulate Family
   a. (Named Dancers)
   b. Couples Circulate
   c. All Eight Circulate
   d. Single File Circulate
   e. Split/Box Circulate

Courtesy Turn
Dive Thru
Dixie Style to an Ocean Wave
Do Paso
Dosado / Dosado to a Wave
Double Pass Thru
Eight Chain Thru
Extend (From/Tag Only)
Ferris Wheel

First Couple Go Left/Right,
    Next Couple Go Left/Right

Flutterwheel / Reverse Flutterwheel
Fold / Cross Fold
Forward and Back
Grand Square

Half Sashay Family
   a. Half Sashay
   b. Rollaway
   c. Ladies In, Men Sashay