​​​​​​​​​​Upcoming Dances  2017-2018

Dance times are listed at the end of each line: ER (Early Rounds) or TchR (Teach Rounds), S (Squares), R (Rounds)

        October 2017
Sun      1         Shufflin’ Shoes                        Afternoon Dance                                           Keith Harter / Jeanne Harter    TchR_2P_S&R_2:30-4:30PM
Mon     2         Grand Paraders                        Regular Dance                                               Jeff Bobst                                               S_7:00-9:00PM
Mon     2         Relaxed Squares                      Class (S 7-9PM), Club (S 8:30-10PM)              Gary Pruyne
Wed    4         Canyon Squares                       Open House                                                   Jeff Bobst                                               S_7:00-9:00PM
Wed    4         Penn Yan Friendship Squares     Open House                                                Richard Rosenfield                                     S_7:00-9:00PM
Fri-Sat  6-9     Southern Tier Wheelers           “Halloween Bash” Fun Weekend               Howard Williamson / Donna Williamson
Sat       7        Penn Yan Friendship Squares    Halloween Bash, with STW @Campbell     Howard / Donna Williamson        ER_7:15PM_S&R_8-10PM
Mon     9         Relaxed Squares                      Class (S 7-9PM), Club (S 8:30-10PM)              Gary Pruyne
Tue    10         Seven Valley Whirl-A-Ways      Regular Dance                                               Keith Harter / Jeanne Harter                  S&R_7:30-9:30PM
Wed   11        Canyon Squares                      Open House                                                    Jeff Bobst                                               S_7:00-9:00PM
Wed   11        Penn Yan Friendship Squares    Workshop                                                     Richard Rosenfield                                     S_7:00-9:00PM
Sat     14        Champagne Whirl-A-Ways        Grape Harvest Ball                                     Richard Rosenfield / Dottie Griffith  R_7PM_S&R_7:30-10PM
Sun    15        Shufflin’ Shoes                         Pumpkin What? (Afternoon)                           Keith Harter / Jeanne Harter  TchR_2PM_S&R_2:30-4:30PM
Mon    16        Grand Paraders                       Regular Dance                                                Jeff Bobst                                               S_7:00-9:00PM
Mon    16        Relaxed Squares                     Class (S 7-9PM), Club (S 8:30-10PM)                Gary Pruyne
Tue     17        Seven Valley Whirl-A-Ways      Regular Dance                                                Keith Harter / Jeanne Harter                 S&R_7:30-9:30PM
Wed   18         Canyon Squares                     Regular Dance                                                Jeff Bobst                                                S_7:00-9:00PM
Wed   18         Penn Yan Friendship Squares   Workshop                                                      Richard Rosenfield                                    S_7:00-9:00PM
Fri-Sun 20-22  at Bennington College              27th Tumbling Leaves Festival  

                                 Callers: Red Bates, Bill Harrison, John Marshall, Don Moger, Ken Ritucci       Cuers: Roy & Janet Williams, Beverly Mackay
Sat      21        Penn Yan Friendship Squares  “Colors of Fall” Dance                                  Dave Eno / Lisa Treichler            ER_7PM_S&R_7:30-10PM
Mon    23        Grand Paraders                        Regular Dance                                               Jeff Bobst                                               S_7:00-9:00PM
Mon    23        Relaxed Squares                      Class (S 7-9PM), Club (S 8:30-10PM)               Gary Pruyne
Tue     24        Seven Valley Whirl-A-Ways      Regular Dance                                               Keith Harter / Jeanne Harter                  S&R_7:30-9:30PM
Wed   25        Canyon Squares                      Apple Desserts                                               Jeff Bobst                                                S_7:00-9:00PM
Wed   25        Penn Yan Friendship Squares    Workshop                                                     Richard Rosenfield                                     S_7:00-9:00PM
Sat     28        Champagne Whirl-A-Ways       Halloween Party                                          Jim Gotta / Jim Gotta                            S&R_7:00-9:30PM
Mon   30         Grand Paraders                       Halloween Dance – Wear orange                     Jeff Bobst                                                S_7:00-9:00PM
Mon   30         Relaxed Squares                     Class (S 7-9PM), Club (S 8:30-10PM)               Gary Pruyne

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